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New Web Site for my Life Coaching Practice

I have just revitalized my Life Coaching website. I have had a limited private practive for many years. Recently, I have decided that it will be one of my major focuses. This new site reflects that committment and explains Life Coaching as I practice it. You can see it at: http://MyCoachJason.com
I also coach parents of teen and young adults. Having raised 13 teen foster sons and a son of my own, I have a black belt in this area. I teach parent how to successfully parent teens and coach them as they navigate the minefields. There are lots of parenting tips at: http://TheParentsCoach.com

My Coach Jason’s Tips for Winning at Life

My monthly ezine of useful tips that will give you "the winner's edge!" Sign up NOW and receive, as a gift from me, an mp3 download of my best selling program for achieving restful relaxation, "Conditioning for Inner Learning." Subscribe On my Coaching Website:

"Soldier" Now can be seen on-line

Jason appearing in "Soldier"

I sing in this nationally acclaimed short film about a soldier whose buddy dies in his arms in Baghdad. You can view it on-line on YouTube

From a review of
Soldier: The Movie

"David Bianchi, nationally recognized Performance Poet joined forces with award winning Director Daniel J. Pico, to bring you a visually stunning and emotionally charged, one of a kind short film depicting the inner struggle of a soldier suffering from the loss of a fallen comrade at the front lines of the Iraq War.

This gripping narrative told entirely in peformance poetry and gaelic verse by Vietnam Veteran Jason Wittman, taps deep into the psyche of a man in the extremest of human conditions. Through hardline images and breath taking perfromace “Soldier” is a harsh and socially relevant awakening ab out the grim realities of loss and war."

The Making of "Soldier"

This is an interesting piece on the making of our short film "Soldier." It features interviews with me (and some of my singing), David Bianchi, who wrote and co-performed with me, and the wonderful, creative director, Dan Pico. Please check this out HERE!









Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

Welcome to my life

To say my life is multifaceted world be quite accurate. A quick look at my brief biography will confirm that statement. I live and work in a number of different worlds at the same time. There is Jason the youth program director and therapist, Jason the life enhancement coach, Jason the actor, Jason the father, Jason the singer, Jason the 12 step old timer, Jason the poet, and Jason the professional photographer. Very few people know me as the multifaceted person I am. They just know that part of me that interacts with them. I am partially the cause of this. I have kept these different things I do separate from each other. I even have a number of website. I thought that the time had come for me to have a website that was about all of me, my interested, my opinions, my skills, my life. Here it is. Enjoy!

My Blog

(It will appear here, as soon as I can figure out how to do it.)

Until then, here is a link to my blog: "Jason Wittman On Just About Everything"


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