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from Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and other Addictions

Writings On Recovery:

Working the 12 Steps

Jason's 4th Step Guide

This is about as complete a guide to writing a 4th Step inventory as you will ever see. I have never found a guide that was both a step by step guide to writing a complete inventory and had complete directions on how to do it. Although it is always suggested that one has a Sponsor who will guide one through this process, many people do not have a Sponsor. I have written the instructions assuming that the reader knows nothing about the process. You can view the entire guide by clicking HERE.
If you want to download a copy so that you can work on it, off-line, on your computer, you can download it by clicking HERE. This download is written as an MS Word form. What that means is that you will not be able to change any of my text, but you will be able to type your answers to the questions by clicking anywhere in the body of the question. The curser will automatically move to the space where you can write your answer.

Articles on Substance Use, Treatment & Recovery

Many people have asked me for guidelines to know just when casual or recreational use of drugs and alcohol have crossed the line to being a need rather than a want. This is my answer:

Alcohol & Drugs: How Much Is Too Much?

The "War On Drugs" obviously has not worked. This paper is one that I wrote for the first Clinton presidential campaign in 1992. If it was ever read, it certainly was never followed. Here's hoping the current Administration will do better. With over 30 years of experience with alcoholics and drug addicts and with being on the treatment and recovery front lines, I KNOW that if these recommendations were followed, we would come a long way towards solving these problems:

How To Really Win The War On Drugs


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