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Press Release calling for zero tolerance for TTRB and the teaching of self-esteem
by Jason Wittman, MPS

This is the original press release that I wrote just after the Santana High School shooting in Santee, CA . I thought then and still do that the presses concentrating on "guns in schools" and "bullying" stories are talking about symptoms (guns) and only part of the problem (bullying). I was totally unsuccessful in getting anyone to print my suggestions. So I keep putting it out here and on my other sites in the hopes that the ideas will be picked up an spread. If you would like to discuss these proposals, please contact me at jason@la-youth.org.

The Steps to Eliminating Teasing, Taunting, Ridicule and Bullying (TTRB) from schools
by Jason Wittman, MPS

A proposed set of elements that would make up a concerted effort to eliminate TTRB from school campuses.

Links to Related Useful Material

William Glasser, MD
Every thing William Glasser, MD has ever written is useful for people who are interested in totally workable, proven solutions to making schools peaceful places where kids eagerly go to learn. "Reality Therapy," (1965) set out the principles of doing practical, successful counseling that influenced generations of therapists (including me). Another early book was "Schools Without Failure" (1969) which described how he and his colleagues totally turned around a middle school. His current works, which are totally germaine to making schools safe, wonderful experiences for everyone, are: "Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom"(1998) which presents a totally workable solution to all personal and interpersonal problems. People, couples, schools and communities that have adopted this theory have been transformed. Totally to the point of creating better school environments are three books. "The Quality School: Managing Students Without Coercion," "The Quality School Teacher," "Choice Theory in the Classroom"(all three 1998) and a brand new one, "Every Student Can Succeed" (2001). All of these are available, on-line, from The William Glasser Institute Bookstore

Articles by William Glasser, MD on the subject:
"School Violence from the Perspective of William Glasser "
"Focusing on Chemistry Instead of Compassion Psychiatry Takes Another Step in the Wrong Direction "
Other Articles by William Glasser, MD

William Pollack, Ph.D.
William Pollack, Ph.D. is the director of The Center for Men at McClean Hospital, a major teaching facility of Harvard Medical School The Center is dedicated to enhancing knowledge of men's life experiences, physical and mental health issues. He is THE expert on how reach and counsel boys. The results of his five plus years of studying boys and how to reach them is published in his book "Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood" (Henry Holt, 1998). This is must reading for anyone interested in working with boys.

In an interview with Oprah the week before the Columbine shootings he said, "When boys can not cry, bullets become their tears!" How right he was. His newest book is, "Real Boys' Voices"


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